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Choosing a partner to love is one of the trickiest and most complicated decisions we will ever make. Put simply: There are ups, downs and everything in between—it’s not for the faint of heart. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

Khaleeqa Rouse takes you through her comprehensive digital program to help you figure out exactly what went wrong in past relationships and shows you how to stop attracting the same type of person over and over again.


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You’re tired of dating same type guy over and over again...

You feel like you keep meeting the same type of guy who is emotionally unavailable, has too much baggage and is unable to be your equal partner.

Tired of friends and family asking you about marriage...

You are tired of the pressure you feel you have your love life figured out. You wish everyone could simply celebrate your season without pushing you to be in a relationship.

Can’t let go of the past relationships, still thinking about her ex...

It has been difficult for you to ignore the “ex text” and you find that guys from your past keep popping in and out of your life. You are ready to move on to a fulfilling relationship and not one that drains you.

You repeat unhealthy relationship patterns…

The negative relationship cycles in your life leave you feeling drained and on the verge of settling. You are fed up with always have to start over again.

Lack of community & mentors who can personally encourage you…

You are in need of a girl tribe who will support and encourage you as a single woman. They will truly understand everything you are going through and provide sound advice when you need it.

If you believe this describes YOU, then you have found the right page! Keep scrolling to find out how I have provided the answers you need to truly thrive!



Maybe deep down you are Thinking...


“I just want to be married I am tired of being single”

I know how you feel sister, I have been there too. But I want to let you know that your purpose in life is much bigger than just any relationship.

Your purpose on this planet will transcend your lifetime, and making sure you align with the right person at the right time is crucial...

For the past 8 years as an Executive Director of an educational non-profit part of my job is to, advise families who are coping with the fallout of broken relationships, and lack the purpose to take the next step. I see how lack of preparation as a single person, can wreak havoc on a family.

That is why I am on a mission to empower single women, because the choices you make in this season will lay the foundation for marriage. And even more important they will lay the foundation for fulfilling your authentic purpose!

Personally I had to learn how to be content, and it was not always easy. I stopped forsaking my dreams for my desires, and I began to activate daily in my purpose.

As a leader and teaching professional for the past decade, I have mentored hundreds of women on how to live life to the fullest and fully embrace the season they are in. I have seen my techniques, methods and philosophies transform lives.

If you feel like you are in a rut or you are tired of the dating merry-go-round and you find yourself wondering, "Is this all there is?" You're in the right place!

It is your time to THRIVE!

Higher level of self confidence, because you will be rooted in your purpose and able to pursue any vision you have! (2) (1).png

A 4-Week online course which will give you the complete blueprint to help you heal from your past, clarify your purpose & attract a quality partner.


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You will have a powerful plan at your fingertips for how to approach single life. Each part of this program is intended to show you how to turn your pain into your passion.


  • Heal: We’ll show you how to addressing ways to heal your wounds and find strength in them to foster new relationships.

  • Release: Learn new ways of thinking so you don’t repeat the same patterns and habits that foster unhealthy relationships.

  • Awaken: You’ll learn the actions and patterns of healthy loving relationships so you too can develop your  own.

  • Thrive: You’ll learn how to unlock your purpose and use the pain from your past relationships as a catalyst to bring your dreams to life.




4 Video Group Counseling Lessons

Videos with women who look just like you; as they dig deeper into the single success path strategy. 


Training Videos From 3 Leaders

Leaders in the field of healing, relationships & marriage; whom share their wisdom and transformational methods. 


The Upgrade You Workbook

20 Weekly journaling activities and exercises that will help you delve deeper into the content and really own the path in Upgrade U for yourself.

You begin to apply the strategies and guides you will experience transformation and the life that will allow you to thrive!


4 Calming Meditations & Affirmations

These meditations will allow you to cultivate peace and joy during this season. They are designed specifically for this course to shift your mindset when it comes to love, dating & enjoying the single journey.

You will find yourself revisiting these beautiful audio tracks again and again!